As an overarching theme, I’m interested in the application of dynamical and stochastic modeling towards signal processing in biological networks and the emergence of complex behavior from a system of agents with simple local contact rules. Please click on the following pages for some info on some of my research projects:

(2016 – Present, PhD Advised by Prof. Raag Airan, Stanford): Neuromodulation and Targeted Drug Delivery with Focused Ultrasound

(2014-2015, Senior Thesis Advised by Prof. Chris Rycroft, Harvard): Breast Cancer Disorganization

(Summer 2013, Advised by Prof. Murat Arcak, UC Berkeley): Simulation of Emergent Spatial Organization in Multicellular Ensembles


Sponsored by the Amgen Foundation through the Amgen Scholars Program.

(2013-Present; Independent Research Advised by Prof. Conor Evans, MGH): FRET Genotyping of Large Mutations


(2012; O’Shea Lab, Harvard SysBio): Promoter Architecture and Complex Transcription Factor Signaling